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How to Get Licensed

Your Step-by-Step Guide

​Here's what you gotta do.

  1. Complete the required 120-hour pre-licensing course

  2. Study for and pass your test

  3. Submit your application to the Division of Real Estate

  4. Get your OFFICIAL paperwork—your license!

#1) Complete your 120-hour pre-licensing course

To do this, you've got a few options! You can choose a paid option like Stringham (recently merged with CE Shop). You can also choose the free option, ARTI. There are pros & cons to both.

In our experience, Stringham has the most robust education and test preparation curriculum. If you choose the ARTI course, our recommendation is to take an additional test prep course.

Stringham Schools

Sales Agent Pre-license Course

Pre-license + Bundle (Test Prep)

Pre-license Bundle + New Agent Required CE

The CE Shop

Pre-licensing Course Only

Standard Package with Test Prep

Value Package

Premium Package

ARTI Academics

Utah Pre-Licensing 120-hour Real Estate Principles Course: Free

Salt Lake Board of Realtors

Utah Pre-Licensing 120-hour Real Estate Principles and Practices Course

120-hour Sales Agent Pre-Licensing Course with Exam Prep

Contact: Sydney Carmody


Agent Professor Real Estate School

Plan with monthly payment plan option

#2) Study for and pass your test

"I have all the course materials... what do I study???"

We've got you at McKay Realty. We offer pre-licensing study help and test prep. Just come over and ask us about it!

We also suggest using ExamPrep, a well known study prep guide for the course. You can find it on the Stringham website.

Testing, 1, 2, 3...

You will need to reserve a fingerprinting appointment for immediately following your exam, so make sure to confirm with the testing center staff that this is booked.


The testing center, Pearson VUE, will charge a $ fee to take the exam. Be prepared with a credit or debit card when you arrive.

You will need to verify the last four digits of your social security number and provide state-issued ID. Don't forget to bring it!

#3) Submit your application to the Division of Real Estate

Did you pass? WHOO HOO!! Time to apply for your license! (And a huge CONGRATS from us!)


The DRE will need:

  • Salesperson Application (page 1) and Qualifying Questionnaire (page 2)

  • Consent to Background Check—must include fingerprints

  • Certification of Legal Presence

  • Candidate Education Certifying Document

  • Application fee

We're so excited for you, we would even be happy to walk you through filling out and submitting your application. Stop by our office when you're ready!

#4) Get your OFFICIAL paperwork

In our experience, it takes about a week to hear back about your application. The vast majority of the time, you will get word that you've been ACCEPTED, and our whole office will do a victory dance!

Okay, maybe not the whole office. 😉

...And just like that, you're a real estate agent!

Oh, and just wondering... are you still looking for the right brokerage?

Because we may have just what you're looking for.

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Thanks for submitting!

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